POP Disposable Vape

The POP Disposable Vape Device features a 280mAh nonchargeable internal battery and a 1.2mL e-liquid capacity. The working coil resistance is 1.8ohm.

The POP Disposable Vape Device is available in a variety of flavors.


Flavor Profiles:

Lush ICE: Delicious watermelon blended with authentic menthol.

Mighty Mint: Refreshing mint blended with an icy kick of menthol. 

Strawberry Mango: Highland strawberries blended with tropical mangoes. 

Strawberry Watermelon: Highland strawberries blended with delicious watermelon. 

Blue Raz: Delicious blueberries and raspberries blended into a sweet treat. 

Fresh Tobacco: Classic tobacco for a satisfying experience.

Iced Lychee: Rare lychee with a menthol blast. 

Peach Lemonade: Peaches and classic lemonade. 

Watermelon Lemonade: Juicy watermelons and classic lemonade. 

Banana ICE: Fresh ripened bananas blended with icy menthol. 

Iced Pineapple: Fresh pineapples blended with icy menthol. 

Mango: Rare tropical mangoes. 

Mango Peach Pineapple: Tropical mangoes, southern peaches, and fresh pineapple. 

Strawberry Lemonade: Strawberries blended with classic lemonade. 

Pop Disposable Vape

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