Proton 18650 3018mah by BlackCell Batteries (2 batteries per order)

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2 Batteries Per Order

Blackcell 18650 PRO Ton Li ion Rechargeable Battery

 Optimal rolled steel and material

(New energy vehicles designated supplier provide)


 GO (graphene oxide)

The newest graphene material is used in the battery.

 Dual functional pressure relieve valve make sure your vaping safer

 Our own factory production to guarantee supply and quality stability

 Strict process and quality system.

The battery has an internal resistance between 0.01v and 0.01MΩ and a good consistency


 The battery was tested by the TUV Rheinland


Material Li-CoMnNi
Normal Capacity 3018 mAh
Normal Voltage 3.6v
Charging Voltage 4.2±0.05v
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.5v
Max Charge Current 4A
Max Discharge Current 40.2A
Continue Discharge Current 20.3A



- Do not use if damaged or above 21.2°F/100°C

- Do not disassemble or modify the battery

- Do not carry batteries in your pockets or purse

- Battery may explode or catch fire if misuse

- Do not use max or pulse rating for mechanical vaping devices




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