asMODus Spruzza 80W Squonk Kit


We are proud to introduce our first regulated squonker mod and our latest effort, the Spruzza! Created with the user in mind, it is a combination of every feature you could want in a bottom feed device, with a few that we spent countless nights at the drawing board perfecting. The exterior of the Spruzza is composed of a solid aluminum chassis framed with our renowned stabilized wood in the form of two removable 1.5mm side panels, but the real star of the show is our proprietary Smart Siphon System (SSS), a pump system that is the first of its kind. Both simple to maintain and operate;the SSS can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement, and can hold up to 6mL of your favorite juice in the reservoir, which can be filled by sliding the glass door upwards. Designed with simplicity in mind, the SSS provides the perfect amount of juice to replenish your wicks with every push of the lever, and is infinitely more durable than the silicone bottles used in other squonker mods due to the polymer construction. The asMODus Spruzza is our take on the ideal squonking device, and is our latest labor of love, an exercise in perfection. Our brand-new GX-80-HUT chipset builds on the innovation of the SSS, allowing the user to switch between straight wattage, wattage curve, and temperature control modes with a simple swipe of the finger, making adjusting the experience provided by your device faster and simpler than ever. Curve allows the user to imitate the experience of temperature control mode by allowing the user to set 5 different wattage settings combined with 5 time presets up to a maximum of 10 seconds. For example if you were running a Clapton style coil, which typically require a little ramping to get to a firing sweet spot, you can set the device to fire at 80 watts for .2 seconds and then 65 watts for 5 seconds. Powered by a single high-drain 18650 Li-ion battery, the Spruzza is designed from the ground up to be the perfect daily driver bottom feed device, combining exceptional performance with a compact form factor and reliable squonking mechanism.

While curve mode might not be a change from the rest of our devices, how you switch between firing modes certainly is. To cycle through the firing modes, all you have to do is unlock the screen and swipe the mode symbol at the top to the left or the right. To switch between the different presets for temperature control, just press and hold the TEMP symbol. Adjusting what wattage or temperature the Spruzza fires at can be done by tapping the number located in the middle of the display, and to set your curve, press and hold. Clicking the firing button three times will lock the mod and stop it from firing, and clicking it five times will bring you to the menu, where you will find options for powering off the device, adjusting brightness, updating, checking the firmware version, and adjusting the puff counter. 

Included with each Spruzza squonk mod is our new Fonte RDA, which is focused on flavor. The deck of the Fonte is a simple two post design with side-mounted screws, making it easy to build on, and the juice well has a convex shape to help the user have more juice, where it will be absorbed by your wicks. We've machined the side airflow inlets at a downward angle to simulate a bottom-airflow design for improved flavor, which is enhanced by the conical top cap and wide-bore drip tip. The large heat sink on the top cap will help to get rid of excess heat, ensuring you can vape to your heart's content!

Included with each Spruzza squonk mod, is Vapor Range's ONI-ONE RDA, a Flavor MACHINE. The deck of the ONI is a Unique two post design in which you remove the whole hex screw and placing your coil, making it easy to build on. The juice well is not only deep but also split so when you squonk, the juice directly wicks into the cotton for. We've machined the bottom airflow inlets in a upward angle to increase the flavor production. The 810 Black delrin drip tip was designed in a way where the vape will condense into the bottom of the top and give you a more dense, and flavorful vape experience. There is also a hidden feature inside the top cap of the ONI-ONE, inside the top cap, there is an ORING located in the top. This will catch all the juice and drip it back down the the wick not wasting a drop of your valuable juice!

How to prime the Spruzza juice box:

1.Remove the juice box
2.Fill juice box with juice
3.Pump it 10 times
4.Reinstall and squonk on!

Product Specifications:

  • Requires 1x 18650 sized battery (not included)
  • Accommodates Attys and tanks up to 25mm
  • Touch screen type: Capacitive screen (Requires the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where the display is touched)
  • Wattage range (Power mode): 5W - 80W
  • Wattage range (TC modes): 5W - 60W
  • TC acceptable wire types: Ni200 Nickel, Ti Titanium, SS317 Stainless steel, SS316 Stainless steel, and SS304 Stainless steel
  • Juice Capacity: 6ml
  • Easy fill tank
  • Easy to clean
  • Touch and swipe technology 
  • Conical top cap
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Directional airflow
  • SSS pre-primed with VG


asMODus Spruzza 80W Squonk Kit

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