Humble Juice Co. Collection 60ML Vape Juice

Banana Bread: Warm and sweet, with creamy banana flavor layered on top of rich pastry.

Blue Raspberry: Classic blue slushie flavor that you know and love. Just enough tartness to offset the sweet.

Blue Raspberry Menthol: Sugary blue raspberry flavor with a cool mint finish.

Creamy Crunch: Reminiscent of creamy oatmeal and milk with light sweet honey flavor on top.

Kiwi Berry Citrus: Tropical and tasty, with the exotic sensation of kiwi and juicy mixed berry and just enough citrus tang.

Mango Passionfruit: Tart and juicy mango combined with passionfruit for ideal island vibes.

Strawberry Banana: The ultimate fruit combo: sweet, plump strawberries and rich banana.

Toffee Vanilla Custard: Creamy vanilla and rich coffee-esque toffee with sweet notes of butterscotch pudding.

Vanilla Almond Tobacco: Nutty almond blend with mild vanilla combines beautifully with rich tobacco notes.

Watermelon: A unique take on traditional watermelon flavor: this one is sweet, smooth and just a bit creamy.


Humble Juice Co. Collection 60ml Vape Juice

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