Rolo Badge by SMOK


Rolo Badge By SMOK Tech Open Pod System

If you're looking for a compact pod-based system vaping device that's both affordable and astonishingly advanced, it's time to explore the SMOK Rolo Badge Open Pod System. Its uniquely sleek and thin design and small size give you the ability to simply tuck this pod mod into your pocket, making it a welcome change from clunky and large box mods. Plus, the open pod system opens a world of possibilities when it comes to pod flavors.

Since pod-based systems have become the new standard in vaping, SMOK has delivered some of the best and most reliable products out there. The SMOK Rolo Badge Open Pod System is the perfect device for anyone who wants a small, portable mod that is built to last. Because of the open pod system, you can refill your pod with any e-juice that is compatible with this type of device. This means that you won't have to stick to the small handful of flavors that are available in pre-filled pod cartridges.

The open pod system is extremely easy to use. Simply grab your e-juice with the injection bottle that comes with this system. Then, fill your pod and vape away. You won't have to worry about any spills or leaks thanks to the brilliant design of this pod mod.

The battery has a 250mAh capacity and is built into the device, making this product extremely convenient for anyone who doesn't like to deal with complicated hardware. This pod mod is very easy to maintain thanks to the fact that it doesn't contain loads of parts that constantly need to be cleaned.


  • Material: zinc alloy+PC
  • Size: 73.3 x 50 x 12mm
  • Weight: 62g Battery
  • Capacity: 250mAh
  • Power Range: 10W-16W
  • Standby Current: 200uA
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Rolo Badge Mod
  • 1 x e-Liquid Injection Bottle
  • 2 x Rolo Badge Pods
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

The SMOK Rolo Badge Open Pod System can contain up to 2ml of juice. This means that you won't have to refill your tank every hour. This system guarantees consistently pleasurable vaping. Gone are the days of harsh, dry hits and low vapor production caused by faulty coils. Every hit is perfectly smooth and full of delicious flavor.

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