Tricliq Elixir 150ML BOTTLES (Menthol Flavors)


Tricliq Elixir carries a variety of top quality e-liquid at an affordable price.  All flavors are 70/30 and are made with the highest quality ingredients and come in a 150ML Plastic Dropper Bottles

  • Menthols

    • Frozen Strawberry: What could be better than a ice cold frozen strawberry vape?
    • Cool Cool Mint:  MENTHOL ANYONE?  This is a basically 100% menthol and coooooool mint flavor that willl clear your sinuses
    • Spiraminty: Spearmint gum anyone?
    • Wintergreen: Just like it says. Just a pure wintergreen flavor
    • Menthol Strawberry Watermelon: This is a light menthol with refreshing strawberry and watermelon base
    • Cucumber Melon Menthol: This is primarily a honeydew watermelon flavor with a blast of menthol and a hint of cucumber to round it off
    • Cool Melonade: Icy watermelon and lemonade with a hint of honeydew
    • Iced Apple:  Strong menthol flavor with green apple


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