Fryd Nicotine Premium E-Liquid 100ML
Embrace the unique lineup of deep-fried delights that are carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings for irresistible treats. Fryd offers 100ml of vaping pleasure with nicotine options of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg to suit your preferences.

10 Available Flavors:
Angry Apple
Deep fried apple. It delivers a tangy punch of both red and green apple flavors.

Cookies & Cream
Deep fried cookie. Combines chocolate cookies with vanilla cream.

Cream Cake
Deep fried cake. It captures a classic dessert treat of fried cake and vanilla cream.

Fried Banana
Deep fried banana. A combination of deep fried bananas with butterscotch, cream, and graham crackers.

Funnel Cake
Deep fried funnel cake batter. It captures a timeless carnival treat of warm funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Ice Cream
Deep fried ice cream. Combines sweet vanilla ice cream with deep fried dough.

Mango Madness
Deep fried mango. It captures a pure burst of ripe mango flavor.

Melon Dew
Deep fried melon medley. A combination of deep fried cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon.

Pear Of Peaches
Deep fried pears and peaches. It captures a duet of crisp pears and juicy peaches.

Strawberry Kiwi
Deep fried strawberries and kiwis. Delivers a duet of sun-ripened strawberries and tropical kiwi fruits.

FRYD Synthetic 100ml Vape Juice

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