The O.B

The Inhale: Creamy milk and vanilla custard

The Exhale: Sweet Custard

The Blend: This is the origional flavor that put Suicide Bunny on the map.  The rich and creamy vanilla custard flavor will not leave you wanting for anything.



The Inhale: Sweet Banana with Cinnamon

The Exhale: Freshly baked snicker doodles on the exhale!

The Blend: Welcome to Derailed: one of Suicide Bunny’s most popular flavors. Inhale for the fresh baked cookie taste, exhale for the sweet cinnamon banana, and enjoy every moment in between. The smell alone will keep you coming back for more. 


The Inhale: Rich, Rich Cream on the inhale   

The Exhale: Melons upon Melons! Cantaloupe and Honeydew goodness

The Blend: Ahh, the enchantment of Madrina. This is Pip the Bunny’s personal favorite. Try it and you’ll see why. It might be the enchanting cream base. It might be the notes of melon tucked into every layer. It might be all of the above, and more. Try it and taste for yourself. 

Mothers Milk

The Inhale: Creamy, vanilla-ish milk

The Exhale: Slight strawberries

The Blend: Welcome to Mother’s Milk: Suicide Bunny’s most popular juice. With a deliciously rich and creamy dessert flavor, and a light strawberry exhale, Mother’s Milk is ready to rock your world. There’s a reason our fans have voted it their favorite: once you try it, you’ll never want another.

Sucker Punch

The Inhale: Cream and a slight Melon taste on the inhale

The Exhale: More mixed fruit, dragon fruit and a slight citrus exhale

The Blend: Want to go to exotic places? Sucker Punch from Suicide Bunny is your ticket. Enjoy the alluring dragon fruit mix, laced with a silky-smooth cream. And get transported to a whole new world of amazing flavor.

Mothers Milk N Cookies

The Inhale: Creamy milk and Chocolaty Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Exhale: More of a milk chocolate flavor

The Blend: A deliciously rich and creamy desert flavor with light strawberry and chocolate chip cookie notes.  This is a top seller

Suicide Bunny 60ML

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